These are forms that can be useful for both mediators and arbitrators in getting the needed information from parties in disputes. Complaint Form: This form helps the mediator to derive certain information from the parties in dispute Download PDF form(Complaint Form) Mediator’s Intake Form: This form is to filled by parties to prove that they

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  • MCRC Videos

    MCRC has published videos about its program and about ADR. We have 6(six) videos in the playlist about ADR skills and Mediation Check them out!  

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     Download the PDF version of the ADR Study Materials below; Model Standards of Conduct for Mediation — Download Book PDF A Daniel Come To Judgment: Ghana’s ADR Act, a Progressive or Retrogressive piece of legislation, By: Nene A.O. Amegatcher — Download Book PDF. Ferrick South Texas Ethics Article — Download Book PDF. Basic Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution — Download

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  • Work Place Dispute

    The case involves a superior and his subordinate in the same work place. The superior complained to management of the company that, the subordinate doesn’t accord him the due respect he deserves in the workplace and if nothing is done about it he would prefer to leave the company. As a mediator and a member

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  • Case of Properties

    The case is about a man who had two wives. After his death, the second wife realised the man had bequeathed all his properties to his first wife and her children. Her grievance was that when the man was alive, it was her and her children who took care of the man at his old

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  • Divorce Case

    This is a case of divorce and how the properties accrued in the course of the marriage should be shared amongst the divorcing couples. This case has been in court for quite a long time and has also been with the police but has not been able to settle. As a mediator and also a

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