Download the PDF version of the ADR Study Materials below;

  1. Model Standards of Conduct for Mediation — Download Book PDF
  2. A Daniel Come To Judgment: Ghana’s ADR Act, a Progressive or Retrogressive piece of legislation, By: Nene A.O. Amegatcher — Download Book PDF.
  3. Ferrick South Texas Ethics Article — Download Book PDF.
  4. Basic Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution — Download Book PDF.
  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of Ghana — Download Book PDF.
  6. Procedural Justice Beyond Boarders: Mediation in Ghana, By: Jacqueline Nolan-Haley and James Kwasi Annor-Ohene, Rev. — Download Book PDF.
  7. Mediation, By: Vida Korang and George Kafui Agbozo — Download Book PDF.


Books @ MCRC’s Office

This page let’s you connect to a number of useful resources for Mediators and Arbitrators

The practice of mediation – Frenkel Stark

Mediations Representation – Harold I Abramson

American Journal Mediations

Skills & Values: Legal Negotiations

Mediator’s Deskbook – CPR Institute for dispute Resolution

Handbook of ADR (forms & templates)

International Conflict Resolution Consensual ADR Processes – (Nolan – Haley Abramson Chew)

Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses

Legal Negotiations 2nd Ed.

Commercial Arbitration Rules & Mediation Procedures

Construction – Arbitration Rules & Mediation Procedures

International Dispute Resolution Procedures (Mediation & Arbitration Rules)

Employment Arbitration Rules & Mediation Procedures

Labour Arbitration Rules

Understanding Islamic Laws and Concepts.

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